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Maker, Ferdinand Berthoud, Paris, France, c. 1785. Three train pinwheel escapement, 1/2 second gridiron compensated pendulum on knife edge suspension, 30 second Robin remontoire, full perpetual calendar, epicyclical equation of time, moon's age and phase, quarter strike on solar time Chime and strike can be silenced. 25.5"h x 12.25"w x 10.75"d, (65 x 31 x 27.5cm)

Below we examine the decorative gilt friezes around the rouge griotte marble base. I do not know what the metaphorical scenes depict. If anyone can lend any information it would be moist appreciated.


The common theme of these panels appears to be putties playing various instruments, but having to be in a tempestuous environment, perhaps a raging storm? In this panel the puttee is being swept away separated from  his music sheet and harp. Notice that he is holding onto a garland that is identical to that held by the gilt bronze putties on the top of the marble base. Perhaps those are replacing, or redecorating the clock movement after the storm?




In the last frieze a hapless puttee looks to be swept away and lost to the currents; separated from his tambourine at the far right, lower edge of the frame. Another appears to be trying to save him.

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Continental and American Skeleton Clocks, Derek Roberts, p. 24