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Maker, Huguenin, Paris, c. 1820. Gilt movement with inverted pinwheel escapement, one-half second, nine rod gridiron compensated pendulum with knife edge suspension. This example is illustrated in Continental and American Skeleton Clocks, Derek Roberts, p. 54 as well as Skeleton Clocks, F.B. Royer-Collard, p. 86. Height with marble base, 18". Movement, 13". Dial diameter, 4"

A swinging clock with fully skeletonized, gilt movement which, in effect, forms the bob on the gridiron pendulum rod.

The Huguenin's were a prominent Swiss family of watchmakers with roots in the 18th century, based primarily in Le Locle. During the latter part of the 19th century they were known for producing fine complicated pocket watches. This is the only known example of a clock by this maker.

The illustration above is from Continental and American Skeleton Clocks, by Derek Roberts, p. 54. The photo shows the clock with the marble base - an exact match. The book was printed in 1989 with the photo provided by the clock dealer, Fanelli Antique Timepieces in 1987 long before the Chinese copies flooded the market. There are hundreds of those copies upon which all are based on this original. many of the copies are larger than this, as they are easier to make.

Provenance: J. Fanelli Antique Timepieces, Ltd. 1987; Larry Dalton Collection, 2018; Sundial Farm, 2019.

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