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Removal of Easter calculator, repair of broken pendulum rod, repair case lock and key


Shown here is the Easter calculator removed from the clock. This calculator shows eight complications.

Shown here is the pendulum stick and gilded bob. The bob weighs in at 7.085 kg or 15 lb 9.5 oz, a very heavy bob for a clock of this size. Many tower clocks have bobs of this weight. More will be said later on about some characteristics of this clock having shared features with those of a tower clock. The rod by contrast weighs in at 195 gm or 3.12 oz. So it is not surprising that the pendulum stick could be broken when mishandled with the bob attached. In fact the stick was already broken before in another place just above this recent break as can be seen in the first photo below and to the left of the new repair. We have used the same repair technique as was used to repair the earlier break.

These photos show the repaired pendulum stick. The two weights come in at 18.088 kg or 39 lb 12.5 oz for the time and 14.055 kg or 30lb 14.75 oz for the strike. Another unusual feature in that the time weight is heavier than the strike weight; the reverse of what is the norm for a clock. These are very heavy weights for a clock of this size and delicacy, however they are quadruple compounded, see photos below, so the weight that the clock actually 'sees' is only one-fourth of these totals.

The pulley sheaves are made of wood. The high compound is made necessary by the fact that the weights have only a two foot drop available for a 15 day duration


The repaired pendulum is shown in place.



These photos show the movement's glass case door lock assembly and the key blank being fitted to the existing lock tumblers. A separate key will also be made to fit the base rear door lock.

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