Fabricate bell hammers and springs - April 2014                     

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These six photos show the fabrication of the three bell hammers. First a hole is drilled through the cylindrical blank. Then a concave form is cut into the blank. Next a fly cutter is used to make the pattern on the concave surface. 


Here a collar is fitted into the hole through which the hammer lever will pass through. 


Here we have the hammer levers and the completed hammer head. Note the contour on the lever edges. Each hammer head is fitted with a hardened leather insert. The screw used to secure the head to the lever is hidden behind the leather insert so it remains invisible.



Next the spiral springs needed to load the hammers are created. Without them the hammers would pull away from the bells since the balance of the lever work is heavier than the small hammer head.


A side view of the hammer lever and knurl knob adjustment assemblies.

The completed compliment of the hammer lever connections and hammer head assemblies. 

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