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Visit to Buchanan to see the astro-skeleton  - October 2016

In late October I visited the firm of Buchanan to see the progress of the project. This was only the second time I had been there, the first being October of 2012 and the project has now been going since 2006. Below are a few photos from that visit and a video montage of the clock to date. I hope you will enjoy it.


We now have a little over two more years of construction time. Buchanan has yet to design and build the sun and moon rise and set functions, the grand orrery, the planisphere and thermometer. After the clock is complete the entire machine is disassembled and each part polished and flash gold plated. Next is the fabrication of the clock stand and glass enclosure. Below are a few photos I took of the clock.




      This video covers an informal presentation I had made in October 2016 to the Australian Horology Group during my visit to the firm of Buchanan in Moss Vale, Australia. In this video one can get a good idea of the size of the clock in relation to the environment it is in as well as an explanation of the machine.

Please excuse my disheveled appearance. I had just gotten off a two hour early morning train ride from Sydney to the southern highlands where Moss Vale is located. The train was late and I was a bit harried knowing I had all these people waiting for me.


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