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  Pre-construction design work 01/14 Strike snails and begin strike hammer linkages
10-12/03 My early concept designs page 1 02/14 Continue strike hammer linkages
  2004-2006 03/14 Finish strike hammer linkages
5/04 - 4/05 My early concept designs page 2 04/14 Bell hammers
4/04, 1/06 Buchanan's early concept designs 05/14 No work
  2006 06/14 No work
Creation of working component models and first generation mockup 07/14 Strike and repeat selection levers, misc. parts, complete strike control system
3/06 Working mockups in plastic - going barrel and planisphere 08/14 No work
4/06 Working mockups in plastic - escapement and remontoire 09/14 Begin drives to sidereal, equation of time and calendar functions
5/06 Fabricator's design drawings page 1 10/14 Finish last month's work. Begin mockup for the perpetual calendar module
5/06 Fabricator's design drawings page 2 11/14 Sidereal, equation drives, kidney cam, equation of time system complete
01-06/06 Fabrication of full scale mockup 12/14 Finish mockup for perpetual calendar remontoire, begin calendar fabrication
7/06 Full scale mockup page 1   2015
7/06 Full scale mockup page 2 01/15 Begin the reversible, third-order perpetual calendar calculator complication  module
7/06 Orrery detail 02/15 Complete the calendar calculator module


03/15 Calendar remontoire and demonstration overdrive safety clutch
  Fabrication Begins 04/15 Calendar readout control levers, begin digital year indicator
07-9/07 Main wheels, barrels & maintaining power systems 05/15 Continue calendar readout control levers and digital year indicator
10-12/07 Wagner dual remontoire, wheels, differential drive (this drives the time train) 06/15 Skeletonize calendar frames, other misc. items
07/15 Finish perpetual calendar, Begin tellurion module, design & wheel blanks
2008 08/15 Continue tellurion assembly, frame blanks, spoke wheels
01/08 Wagner dual remontoire, output, cage, chaton assemblies 09/15 Continue tellurion assembly, spoke and plant wheels
02/08 Planisphere design work 10/15 Continue tellurion assembly, skeletonize frames
03/08 Going train 11/15 Continue tellurion assembly, begin solar and lunar eclipse demo functions
04/08 Bevel wheels, fly design, columns, screws 12/15 No work
05/08 Wagner remontoire fly fabrication - rough out   2016
06/08 Wagner remontoire fly fabrication - finish work 01/16 Continue tellurion assembly, sidereal, synodic month; solar, lunar horizons
07/08 Assembly of fly to remontoire and going train 02/16 Complete tellurion assembly, and sidereal dial drives
08/08 Main wheel clicks; begin the escapement antifriction wheel assembly 03/16 Pendulum spring regulator assemblies
09/08 Escapement wheels and finish antifriction wheel assembly 04/16 Miscellaneous attachment parts for pendulum springs
10/08 Begin pendulum balance assemblies - arbors 05/16 Begin preparations for rating the clock, start final finishing of escapement
11/08 Pendulum balance assemblies - antifriction wheels and their plates, complete arbors 06-07/16 Continue final finishing of escapement, begin balance springs testing
08/16 Complete final finishing of escapement, begin balance springs testing
11/08 Pendulum balance assemblies - begin balances 09/16 Continue balance springs testing, fabricate tellurion Earth globe
12/08 Pendulum balance assemblies - complete balances 10/16 No work, My visit to the firm of Buchanan
  2009 11/16 Sun / Moon rise/ set module, dial design and development of first & second-order moon anomaly functions
01/09 Grasshopper escapement assemblies 12/16 No work.
02/09 Redesign of grasshopper escapement assemblies   2017
03/09 Redesign of movement frame 01/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set, begin Great Anomaly & Projection variable differentials
Fly fan decoration; time train clutch 02/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set, complete variable differentials
04/09 Refine remontoire components. Seconds drive, begin celestial train 03/17 Fabricate the analog thermometer
05/09 Equation of time assembly, begin Robin remontoire, fly fan decoration 04/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set, begin dial output drive assemblies
06/09 Continue Robin remontoire, ( this drives the celestial train ) 05/17
Sun / Moon rise/ set, dial output drive assemblies and differential frame
07/09 Continue Robin remontoire 06/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set, dial output drive assemblies, module frames, shutter cam rollers, differential setting & dials
08/09 Continue Robin remontoire 07/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set dial output drive assemblies, sun drive center sector dials 
09/09 Finish Robin remontoire, Begin lower movement frame 08/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set, sun hand, glass dial work, redo center dial and bezel
10/09 Complete lower movement frame; Bell strike hammer lift cams 09/17 Sun / Moon rise/ set, finish sun hand, glass dial frame, shutter setting dial
11/09 Bells;  work for Horological Journal cover, Jan. 2010 10/17 Mechanically complete Sun/Moon rise/set; horizon shutter cams, movable dial plaques
12/09 Begin upper movement frame 11/17 Finishing work: Sun/Moon rise/ set assembly
Project to date video page 12/17 No work.
  2010   2018
01/10 Upper frame, stop work and state-of-wind indicators 01/18 Miscellaneous projects; preliminary mockup for planisphere module
02/10 Cable hooks; Stop work; begin power reserve indicators 02/18 Begin planisphere module
03/10 Redesigned barrel clicks; continue power reserve indicators 03/18 Continue planisphere module
04/10 Finish power reserve indicators; prep work upper frames 04/18 No work
05/10 Continue prepping upper frames, some finish & trim work 05/18 Complete planisphere module
06/10 Rough upper frames complete, some finish & trim work   Project to date photos
07/10 Time; central frames and pendulum support fabricated 06/18 Begin orrery, preconstruction planning and design
08/10 Demonstration clutch parts, project to date photos; films 07/18 Orrery, central support pillar, dial support bracket, begin Saturn gearbox
09/10 Balance diagonals; poising weights, strike train rear frame 08/18 Finish Saturn gearbox, begin Saturn armature drive wheel set
10/10 Strike snail transfer train 09/18 Finish Saturn armature drive wheel set, begin Jupiter gearbox
11/10 Begin Fasoldt epicyclical strike train fly fans 10/18 Finish Jupiter gearbox, revise main orrery enamel dial ring
12/10 Strike train fly fans, begin strike/ repeat control assemblies 11/18 Complete Jupiter armature drive wheel set
01/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, schematics; rack mockups    
02/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, main strike fly fan detents    
03/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, initiators    
04/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, complete initiators    
05/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, continue main strike fly detents    
06/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, rack pawls; rack let down flies    
07/11 Strike and repeat control assemblies, quarter and hour racks    
  Project to date photos and video page    
8/11-9/12 Fourteen month hiatus for restoration of the Pouvillon clock    
10/12 Movement stand, inner steel structure    
11/12-5/13 Seven month hiatus for manufacturing facility relocation    
  Fabrication of enamel dial work, compilation, Feb. 2008 - May 2013    
  Dial work -  Feb. 2008 to Jan. 2012, planisphere, main time dial    
06/13 Dial work - Mar. 2012 - Aug. 2012, orrery, redo main time dial    
  Dial work - Mar. 2012 - Aug. 2012, orrery, redo main time dial    
  Dial work - Dec. 2012 - May 2013, redo orrery, complete remaining dials    
07/13 Fabricate replacement of main frame pillars    
08/13 Fabricate replacement of main frame pillars    
09/13 Celestial train demonstration drive, the orrery dual speed transmission    
10/13 Continue demonstration drive transmission, begin orrery output gearing    
11/13 Finish celestial train demonstration drive and orrery output gearing    
12/13 No work