Consolidated Time Lock Co., Cincinnati, Ohio - 1 movement, large format

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c.1880 A single movement mounted in a dual movement case. Note the large, elaborate manufacturers' logo below the timer. 4 7/8"w x 4 5/8"h x 2 5/8"d. Case#4273 Movement #4156. file 92

B. c. 1898. This is actually not a time lock intended for a safe door, but a time like device used to control an electrical unit for a bank security system. It is included in the Consolidated page since the movement as well as the case suggest that this timer was licensed by the Consolidated company for The Bankers Electric Protective Company. The case design, with it's large window over the escapement looks back to the original Hall's Safe & Lock Company design before it became the Consolidated Time Lock Company in 1880. Movement and case are marked #4 making this the earliest example known of this lock. This is a rare variety of timer made by the Banker's company; only three are known to have survived. Only this example has the original wood base and electrical components. Time lock 3 5/8" w x 3 1/8" h x 2 5/8" d. file 84

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