Duplex Electric Co., New York

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The interior view of the timer. The case is nearly identical to a two movement Mosler time lock, except for the door latch which is identical that of the Banker's Dustproof Time Lock Co. Mosler bought out Banker's in 1915 and their cases and movements were identical. In fact this could even be a Banker's Dustproof case but this author has no example of a two movement by that company to make a comparison. Mosler's changes were to substitute a small handcuff-style key lock for the spring push latch, seen here. and to have the words "Pat. Nov. 21, 1916 Dec. 5, 1916" stamped on the inside of the door near the door lock and incorporated winding holes in the door with a sliding dust latch.

Rear view showing the openings where the wires enter the case.


The first photo shows a Mosler time lock in a case nearly identical to the Duplex Electric case. The next photo shows the first type of watch movement used by Mosler, an 18 size Model #4 supplied by the Illinois Watch Co., Springfield, Illinois and is illustrated above. These were used until 1933 when the Hamilton watch Company took over Illinois Watch Co. This is the same as used for the Duplex Electric timer.

Bank alarm timer by the Duplex Electric Co, c. 1920. The Duplex company contracted with Mosler for their alarm timers and was associated with the company for many of their other products. 4"w x 5"h x 2 3/4"d. Case #03003. file 252 

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