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A feature that made this movement attractive was the fact that all of the elements that one would want to see are in the front. That is, the pendulum, the complex of levers to activate the 'free swinger' mechanism, the fly fan that mediates this process, pilot dial, winding squares and most of the brass wheel works. In almost every other example of this type of clock at least one or more of these elements were on opposite sides of the clock.

Forster (2).JPG (1000552 bytes)  Forster (6).JPG (1034255 bytes)

Forster (3).JPG (1003662 bytes)  Forster (9).JPG (995999 bytes)

The photo below shows the roller that engages the incline ramp attached to the pendulum once every 40 seconds.

                        Forster (10).JPG (1165725 bytes)

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