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The shots below show the three main steps in a restoration. First, disassembly and documentation. Second degreasing and paint stripping. Third restoration. Of course the third photo shows the finished stage of this last step. Before that, the parts must be prepared and all oxidation removed by various methods. For baremetal work such as wheels and arbors the surfaces must be machined to remove any traces of prior rust pits. In this project most arbots and wheel spokes were painted, so much of this machining was avoided. For painted frame parts the metal is preped by using a powered wire wheel to bare metal. Then painted.                              

                                                                                      Hour strike train disassembled

                   DSC08192.JPG (811429 bytes)

                                                                     Hour strike train degreased and stripped of paint.

                   DSC08194.JPG (838505 bytes)

                                                                      Hour strike train restored and ready for assembly.

                   DSC08793.JPG (857584 bytes)

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