Theodor Kromer K.G., Freiburg, Germany

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A and B. Star Safe Manufacturing Co, Paramount, California with Kromer movements. This model has a special analog sector dial attachment labeled "Short Time Indicator" that shows the final four hours. I have seen a few other of this model and none has this attachment.  file 19

B. A Kromer from the 1940's. file 36

C. A three movement Kromer from the 1930's in a case style and internal dog bolt mechanism very similar to the Yale Triple K. The height and width dimensions are identical but it is considerably less deep at 2.5" vs. 3.13" than the Yale due to the fact that Yale uses a much thicker and heavier anti-dynamite movement containment plate. This plate is supported by four springs from the rear of the plate as well as the front and these are secured by the four bolts seen in the corners of the time lock box in the second photo. The Yale also has a door hinge milled from the solid case shell as well as the door plate and pinned together, while the Kromer uses a butt hinge countersunk into the door and surface mounted to the case and held with screws very much like a conventional door hinge. It is overall less robust and of cheaper construction and presentation than the Yale counterpart. Note that all of the movements are stamped with the same number, so these are probably a model rather than a serial number. Case #3366, all movements #1161, 6.25"w x 4.25"w x 2.5"d. file 180

Below is a Kromer time lock in a Mosler safe door.

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