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Edward Dent, London, England, c.1970s Edward Dent, London, England, c.1970s Edward Dent, London, England, c.1970s
Single train, Earnshaw detent chronometer escapement. Annular dial w/ zodiac Single train, Hardy chronometer balance, with his constant force escapement (remontoire). Harrison style grasshopper escapement w/ compound 2 second pendulum and his spring style 20 second remontoire. Design by Martin Burgess. #6 of 35 made.


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German mini tower clock in tallcase-a.JPG (2053352 bytes)  
Jean Wagner, Paris, France, c. 1860 Unknown, German, c.1890 James Arthur, New York, USA, 1901
Three train, miniature flat bed frame tower clock. Unique gravity escapement based on Thomas Reid's design, exhibition piece for Paris Fair of 1861. Three train, miniature strap frame tower clock. Graham type deadbeat escapement. Astronomical regulator with unique tri-dial design. Compensated pendulum, Wagner rocking frame, 60-second remontoire. 


Gaze (1).JPG (802072 bytes)   DSC06100-axa.JPG (563850 bytes)
S.B. Gaze, London, England. 1833 Inverted Y-frame great wheel with seconds beating balance wheel, France, c. 1815  H.A. Campiche & Paul Ditisheim, Geneva, Switzerland, c.1910.
Two train, anchor escapement. Two week duration. Pinwheel escapement controlled by balance wheel. Custom wheel spoke design. Earnshaw detent escapement, jeweled movement. Experimental model made for later production chronometer marketed by Ditisheim.

   Millenium-axa.jpg (20865 bytes)   
William Frederick Evans of Handsworth, Birmingham, England c. 1860. Peter Holtby, Hampshire, England, 2000. Pierre Giteau (Lepine), Paris, France, c. 1820
Single train, half-second anchor escapement, double gilt frame. Three train, w/ late 18th century, 6 tune  music box playing 12 bells, 19 hammers. Graham deadbeat escapement. Twin barrel, single train with Robin remontoire, half second pendulum reading seconds, deadbeat escapement. 

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