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Carlo Croce, Cogorno, Italy, 2003. Sold Carlo Croce, Cogorno, Italy, 2000. Unknown. 21st century 
Single train verge escapement. Reproduction of clock by Joseph Merlin in 1776. Single train, Arnfield gravity escapement, Invar pendulum, jeweled movement, perpetual calendar, equation of time, moon phase. Lever escapement tourbillon escapement model. 


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Devon Clocks, England, c.1980's. Alle Reintje Douma, Amsterdam, Netherlands, c. 1967. Mercer, England, c. 1970's
Small orrery showing the first 6 planets from the Sun. Earnshaw detent tourbillon escapement model with clockwork readout John Arnold detent chronometer escapement model.


Ducret, Besoncon, France, c.1810. Sold Engraving exhibition model, English, c. 1800 Triple axis tourbillon, China, 2024 
English lever, fusee watch laid out in a vertical design. Back plate, cocks and wheels are fully engraved with high quality filigree, birds, and plants with border surround. Lever escapement, spring-wound triple axis tourbillon escapement model.

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