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Philipp Hörz, Ulm, Germany, c. 1890's Philipp Hörz, Ulm, Germany, c. 1890's Ludwig Hainz, Prague, Czechoslovakia 1907
Two train, Graham deadbeat escapement,  count-wheel, half and hour strike. Has 60 second Robin style endless chain remontoire. 30 hour duration.  17.5"w x 18"h x 18"d Three train, modified Graham deadbeat with 'rolling anchor' escape pallets. Count-wheel quarter strike. 30 hour duration.  25.5"w x 21"h x 22"d Three train, pinwheel escapement, 30 hour duration.  28"w x 28"h x 15"d. This clock was featured in the 2009 Oscar nominated film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


                  Odobey Cadet-mtcc.jpg (19020 bytes)                   Cretin-Black-mtcc.jpg (22168 bytes)                     Potts-mtcc.jpg (16702 bytes)    
Louise-Delphin Odobey, Jura, France, 1897 Arsene Cretin, Morbier (Jura), France, 1903 William Potts, Leeds, England, 1900
Three train, pinwheel escapement, rack & snail quarter strike.   38.5"w x 19"h x 20"d Two train, pinwheel escapement, rack & snail, half & hour strike with one minute warning to the hour.  38.5"w x 29"h x 26"d Single train, Double, three-legged gravity escapement (Denison).  24"w x 24"h x 24"d


                          Seth Thomas pillar (2).JPG (823876 bytes)                           ST #7 Gravity (329).JPG (843618 bytes)                              Seth Thomas#16,#4-mtcc.jpg (14910 bytes)
Seth Thomas #4, Connecticut, USA, 1909 - SOLD Seth Thomas #7, Connecticut, USA, 1926 Seth Thomas #15 Connecticut, USA, 1910
Single train, Graham deadbeat escapement. Movement with original attached pillar. Movement 7.5"w x 17"h x 8"d, overall 52" h, base 15" dia. Single train, Denison gravity escapement w/ 1 1/4 second compensated pendulum. OEM electric rewinding and switch gear to drive slave clocks. 30"w x 89"h x 28"d. Two train, Graham deadbeat escapement, rack & snail, half and hour strike.   64"h x 40"w x 28"d. Also shown below a smaller single train #4 model. Compare it's size to  #15's bell hammer behind it. 7.5"w x 17"h x 8"d

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