Tower Clock Collection, Page Three

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Arsene Cretin, Morbier (Jura), France 1933 Thwaites & Reed, Clerkenwell, England,1838 Big Ben, Westminster, c. 1970. Highly detailed 1:6 scale fully functional model, including lead off motion works, electric winding and lighted diorama of the clock room. Clock alone 32"w x 7.5"h x 6.25"d; entire diorama 38"w x 28"h x 13"d.
Two train, pinwheel escapement, rack & snail, half and hour strike. Time train rewound periodically from action of the strike train (Robin style remontoire). 29.5"w x 26"h x 20"d Three train, Graham deadbeat escapement, rack & snail, quarter strike with chime drum. Net weight 1000lbs, 72"w  x 36"h x 30"d Three train, Dennison gravity esacpement, 1 second pendulum, countwheel strike with quarter chimes.


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Henry Lepaute, Paris, France, 1922 G. Rahmer, Rondout, New York, USA, c.1850 Heinrich Perrot, Calw, Germany, 1952
Single train, pinwheel escapement. Original street clock converted to a cosmograph clock.  10"w x 17"h x 8"d (clock only). Miniature three train, pinwheel escapement, count-wheel, quarter strike. Movement uses helical toothed wheels. 30 hour duration.  21"w x 11"h x 10"d Single train. Has 60 second epicyclical remontoire, (sun and planet gear system). 8"w x 19"h x 19"d


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Benedikt Schneider & Son, Schonach, Germany, c. 1890 J.H Addicks & Son, Amsterdam, Holland, c.1930's Gillett & Co., Croydon, England, c.1870's
Three train, Graham deadbeat escapement. Has 30 second differential gravity remontoire. 30 hour duration. 56"w x 20"h x 20"d Single train, Graham deadbeat escapement. Has 12 second gravity remontoire. Electrically wound.            15"w x 12.5"h x 8"d. Single train, Graham deadbeat escapement. 16.5"w x 17.5"h x 12"d.

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