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Conclusion of final finishing, lacquering, crystalline waxing and reassembly of the movement. 


The Easter calculator is now tackled. Total parts count is 259, more than any conventional, complex three train clock!


These photos show the front and rear views of the reassembled calculator.

Rear three-quarter view and close up side view of the calculator. Next the Easter calculator with the inner date disc

The Easter calculator with the outer dial overlay. Next the mystery dial assembly ready for installation.

Here we see the six main subassembly components of the various complications. These all were added to the phase one clock by Pouvillon.


The first photo shows the winding cranks astride Pouvillon's name plate. Next the case door lock key made for the clock. Notice the shape of the key handle is made to resemble the diamond shaped sections of the clock’s main frame. The remaining photos are of the completed project.





Below are two videos showing the clock before restoration, to contrast the restored condition as shown above.


                                    Parts Count   
Main pillars & suspension - 39 Weights & integral pulleys - 33 Mystery dial work - 42
Space frame - 28 Tellurian & annual year & zodiacal precession - 271 Planisphere dial work - 79
Two train movement - 148 Orrery - 117 Sunrise/sunset dial work, annual wheel pack - 142
Pendulum - 14 Easter calculator - 268 Seven dial cluster work - 71
Clock base & upper/lower pulley systems - 95 Main dial work - 25 Moonphase/Paschal moon dial work - 127
Misc. parts, wood base, glass case - 50    
Total parts count count = 1549    


In march of 2014 I learned that someone in the Netherlands had made a rough copy of this clock based on the photos from this website. 

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