Rench, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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A. c. 1980's. Rench is a fairly unknown company within the United States, perhaps more widely used in South America. This company uses Swiss made movements from the Relhor firm. One interesting feature is the fact that the movement dial is split between the black outer ring and white inner disk. The center disk is number 1-24 for the hours in a day and rotates once for each advancement of the black ring by one number. So these locks could be used to keep the vault door locked for a maximum of seven days! A feature completely unheard of in any US made lock or any time lock intended for use within the US. Banking laws enacted after the Great Depression forbid US banks to be closed more than 4 days in a row, hence nearly all time locks meant for US use do not exceed 96 hours. Most time locks end at 72; three days. Although there are models that extend to 120 and even 144 hours (6 days) which may be used for non-Federally chartered banks and private safes. When was the last time you noticed a bank closed for longer than three days? This is a typical example of the late 20th century, lesser quality time locks that employed all plastic case construction with inexpensive Swiss movements. file 20

B. A three movement version.

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