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Three train. Cast iron, modular pillar and plate frames. Hour and quarter, count wheel strike. Graham deadbeat escapement. Bolt and shutter maintaining power.  One second, wooden rod pendulum. Movement is equipped with a 30-second, differential type gravity, train remontoire. 56"w x 24"h x 24"d.

Note the similarity in the modular design to that of the Seybold, also of German origin. This design separated the the three major components of the clock. The time, hour and quarter movements. The modular design allowed for flexibility depending upon the needs of the customer, whether they needed only a time or bells struck only on the hour or every quarter. It also made transport easier as each component could be separated. Several German firms used this concept including Schwilgue (later taken over by Ungerer).

For more information on remontoire click here.

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