Sargent & Greenleaf, Rochester, New York - 3 movements, Model Triple C

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This was the first model of the Triple C, the case was bit taller than the later production versions as was the door lock and the half glass door design, first photo. The second photo shows the side pull mounted dog as well as the two screws on the top of the case that was characteristic of all the 'C' series locks. 

A. Model Triple C, (later no. 6306), made 1889. This model differed from the A and B designs as it used a side bolt-engagement extension to hook into the bolt work thus there is no dog within the case to block the bolt work. It also incorporated a larger movement than the 'L' size used in the triple B. This larger movement was designated the 'M' size and was the largest standard size the company made. These were introduced with the advent of very large vault doors requiring ever stronger release power. Only 150 of these were originally made making this the rarest of the Triple A, B and C designs. They were made almost exclusively for the Damon Safe Company of Boston until 1914, after which the balance were delivered to York Safe & Lock Company of York, Pennsylvania. (1) This example was very early in this design series. The case is slightly larger than the later production models and features a half glass door with winding holes in the metal section. This one, an example in the Harry Miller Collection and one still in use on a Damon door are the only examples of a S&G I've seen using this type of half glass door, see photos below. All of their other locks have full glass with provision for winding holes. The case and movements have very early serial numbers. The configuration of the snubber bar pivots are differently configured. An interior shot of the door shows a good example of the spotted jewelling pattern S&G used for most of their bronze cases. This could have been an early style making this the earliest Model C known. Case# 40, consecutively numbered movements #106, #107 and #108. 8"w x 5 1/4"h x 3 1/4"d. file 90

S&G 3mvt-large wagon wheel.jpg (861927 bytes)  S&G 3mvt-large wagon wheel2.jpg (875304 bytes) B

B. Model Triple C, c. 1905-1908 (later no. 6306),  Case # C- 136, "M"-sized movements #309, #368 and #652. 8"w x 4. 3/4"h x 3 1/8"d.  file 13

S&G 3mvt large wagon wheel-brass.jpg (886204 bytes)  S&G 3mvt large wagon wheel-brass2.jpg (850010 bytes) C

 C. Model Triple C, c. 1890-1908. same as above but with brass damascened case. C-122, 'M' sized movements #209, #730 and #1548. 8"w x 4. 3/4"h x 3 1/8"d. file 47


A Model Triple C with half glass door in the Henry Miller Collection similar to example A. What is interesting is the later movements in the Miller Collection example as evidenced by the 120 hour duration dials having "S&G Roch. N.Y." Sargent & Greenleaf began adding their company name to their dial work after 1896. This particular style of corporate ID was used only on their extended 120 hour duration dials which appeared sometime after 1900. Their standard 'L' movement 72 hour dials had the corporate ID spelled out completely, "Sargent & Greenleaf, Inc." The second photo is the same half-glass Triple C model mounted into a Damon Safe door, however the time lock has been retrofitted to accept modern day Diebold movements. Look carefully at the upper right hand corner of the lock and one can see where the safe lever connects to the push-pull bolt dog

The two photos above are courtesy of Ryan Krakowski. This Model Triple C has the standard full glass door and very early movements numbered 45, 47 and 48. Note the intricate damascene and tooling artwork on this Damon vault door. The Damon doors are recognizable for their center, vertical system of boltwork cams.

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(1) American Genius Nineteenth Century Bank Locks and Time Locks, David Erroll & John Erroll, pg. 254.