Sargent & Greenleaf, Rochester, New York - 4 movements, Model R

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S&G 4mvt-silver-72hr.jpg (462468 bytes)  S&G 4mvt-silver-72hr2.jpg (559701 bytes) A

S&G 4mvt-silver-120hr.jpg (685288 bytes)  S&G 4mvt-silver-120hr2.jpg (723518 bytes) B

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A. Model R, (later no. 6401) with standard drop bolt design. Case #75, 'H' sized movements consecutively numbered 4335 through 4338, 6 7/8"w x 4 3/8" x 2 3/8". file 25

B. Model R. Same as above except equipped with optional external drop bolt release lever. This was known as a 'throw-off device'. Its purpose is to permit the door to be closed in the daytime, even if the time lock has been set. This is done by pushing the lever, thus throwing the bolt from the locked to the unlocked position. At closing time, the bolt is thrown to the locked position by again pushing the lever, and the time lock goes on guard (is armed). Timers also run for extended 120 hour period. The combination of the throw off device and the long duration timers make this a rare example. Case #94, movements #R-203, R-327, R-410, R-479,  file 96

C. Model R. Same as A with less common brushed brass finish. Case # R-42, movements #761, 2833, 4151, 4153. file 28

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