This page shows a rather complicated clock I had completed in 1999. The movement as found was in rough shape but complete; down to the original weights, pendulum and crank. Original condition was a D- on an A to E scale. Oxidation was so extensive that I made the radical decision to mill/grind and then polish all surfaces of every part of the clock. This included each face of every nut, arbors, inner spoke webs of wheels, levers, bolt heads. All parts were then lacquered. The frame was sand blasted, primed and painted a semi-flat black. A set of nested bells were fitted and mechanically joined to the original bell pulls. Total parts count was 444; restoration time 400 hours. Project completed March 2000. This is a three train with grand sonnerie quarter chiming. Cast iron, flat bed frame, pinwheel escapement. Paul L. Odobey, Morez, France, 1897.

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Some shots of the restoration process. Total time 425 hours excluding constructing new wood stand.

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