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Below are photos of the planisphere development. There were many examples from other antique horological artifacts as well as modern planisphere that are available on the current market for amateur star gazers that we drew from. The zodiacal figures were from an antique source while the background star field design was from an on line planisphere available to any latitude in the world. This is for the latitude of Chicago, 42 degrees North. It turns out that the star field changes are nearly imperceptible for any variance up to 5 degrees on either side. This covers most of the United States and Europe. The medieval lettering was designed by the fabricator. The second photo shows the initial color scheme. I wanted the overall color a bit lighter and the blue shading to darken at the outer edges and for the milky way star field to be more prominent, resulting in the third rendering. A copy is inserted into the mockup in the forth photo and the last one is a larger rendering to show a bit of the detail. What is not shown and will be added later, is a depiction of the sun as it travels through the zodiac. This was modeled in our plastic mockup back in March 2006.

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