Fly fan decoration; time train clutch - March 2009

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Most of the month of March was taken up with evaluation and modifications to the major redesign change of the movement (see prior page). However B. was able to make the final shape and decorative perforations for the remontoire fly fans. The final shape was taken from my submission made in June 2008. The perforations will be a calligraphic letter 'B' for the firm's name. What you see here are paper mockup blades. The cutouts in brass will be done later.

Astro 03-09.jpg (153968 bytes)  Astro 03-09 (1).jpg (161081 bytes)

Below are tooth count calculation drawings for the part of the remaining three trains that will reside within the main plates.

     Astro 03-09 (2).jpg (1371045 bytes)

The first photo below depicts a few of the wheel blanks from the photo above as well as well as other finished wheels that will reside within the main frames. The remaining photos show the time train clutch. This device is what will allow the user to de-couple the time train from the celestial train and thus allow the high speed demonstration of that train. Notice the embellishments B. adds to the locking nuts as well as the creating five finials for what most would have left as plain cylinders. The last photo shows the clutch installed into the movement in April.

Astro 03-09 (3).jpg (153211 bytes) Astro 03-09 (5).jpg (151143 bytes) Astro 03-09 (4).jpg (147927 bytes)

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