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Finish key set fabrication, dedication plate - May 2022

This month the key set is finished and the final detail of the project, the dedication plate, is designed and finished.  


This is the adjustment knob for the mean solar time, equation of time and the strike selector.


The first photo shows the cabochon for the adjustment knob as well as the pull-repeat hook. The latter is the only handle that does not have a split ring. The second photo shows two of the other three handles that are split. Note how the bottom portion of each has a similar decoration as do the base pillars that support the Wagner remontoire fly fan cages. Another example of keeping design consistency.


A completed, finished ivory piece. The next photo shows the internal construction. Allows one to remove the handle.

These are all the pieces of the operator's key set, excepting the large pendulum steadying bracket at the bottom which is used only when installing the pendulums for the first time into the clock.


Note the fine turning work on the areas that abut the crank arms and handles.

Buchanan's design for the key tray

The completed key set within custom tray that has been made to fit within the table's drawer.


Buchanan writes:

This is how I start to arrive at the shape of the plaque. Import a photo, trace around the important parts. Then scale to the correct size.

Several different style trials, next a mockup pasted to the rear of the clock to check for fit and appearance.


This was the the approved design for the plate.

Compare the final version above with my poor first suggestion!


Buchanan now puts the mill to work in shaping and engraving the plate

The completed dedication plate.


The final parts count for the project.

This month the final part of a three part series of articles covering the project from the last publication in 2017 through completion in 2021.

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