Fabricate replacement of main frame cross pillars - August 2013                        

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The contours of the new pillars differ from the old ones so new potences upon which the vertical remontoire fly fan drive arbors rest had to be remade.


The first photo shows a trial potence done in the same manner as was used on the old pillar. The potence now sits on a spherical curved surface, and so cannot be left as a flat profile. The second photo shows the chamfer that was applied by hand to the pair of potences in order to make them blend well into the background curved surface. We also decided to change the rest of the design to slim down the overall appearance and to use a curved profile in deference to the new pillar surface..


These two photos show the original brass pillars verses the new design. The additional intricacies and color contrast are obvious.

The first two photos show the old pillar and associated bevel drive up to the remontoire fly fan assembly. Since the profile of the new pillar in this area was larger, a recess had to be machined to accommodate the exiting fly fan arbor and bevel.

The recess is complete and the bevel is shown in place. The overall presentation is more visually interesting than the old design where the vertical arbor passed through a hole drilled into the frame pillar.

One of a the new pair of main frame pillars completed.

Next an additional three frame pillars were completed. One was for the central celestial train frame and two, shown in the third photo support the rear cantilevered outboard support frame for the pendulums. These pillars were tapered toward the outboard frame. The other pillars are symmetric as they reside between two similar frames. All of the new pillars feature refinements in design.

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