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Debugging completed, wood sub base surround finished, final photography and videography finished, NAWCC Zoom presentation.             October 2021

The wood sub base surround is finished, the eleven case glass keyways are delivered. In recognition of the completion of the project two detailed video montages as well as photos for future articles in the NAWCC Bulletin are included in this installment. The front and rear cover issue of the September Horological Journal featured an eight page article, and an additional three-part series is being published in the Bulletin beginning with the current November/December issue and explores what has been documented since the last article that appeared in the March/April 2017 issue.


The glass keyways are completed from the case maker. These details will be sent to Buchanan for the cutting of the holes in the case glass. We are looking into museum type low UV and anti-reflective glass for the case.


A fly cutter on the mill is used to cut the brass stringers to produce a rounded edge, next an over view of the mill.


The fabricated brass stringer stock. Next photo, the stock cut to size with corners cut to 45 angles and screw holes, ready for lacquering.


In the first photo the brass stock is being fitted to the flame mahogany bases underside. Each part is carefully numbered for assembly. This is another example of Buchanan's attention to detail, in case these parts ever have to be disassembled. These same methods are used for the fabrication of brass casework.


The brass stringers are now installed, first photo. Next a close up detail of the front sub base.

The completed wood sub base.

The aluminum carrying structure also known as the 'sedan chair' attaches to the lower  movement frame for moving. In this photo it is used for a simple short distance move from one table to the turntable. In reality the real purpose of this device will be for the moving of the machine after delivery to its final table. In that case all of the dial work,  (complications) and well as the pendulums, escapement and bells will be removed so only the machine base and the three main movement modules will be assembled for a total weight of about 110 lbs. The clock will come in at about 140-150 lbs when fully assembled.


Buchanan now makes a turntable for the final photos for this installment and the NAWCC article publications.


The September 2021 issue of the Horological Journal featured an eight page article on the completion of the project.



Don't miss this Zoom Meeting!


On Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Frank will giving a presentation on the

Astronomical Skeleton Clock!


Upcoming NAWCC Zoom Event!


Join a live Zoom presentation on Thursday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m. EST to learn about the complex astronomical skeleton clock commissioned by Mark Frank and built by Buchanan of Chelmsford, Australia. This machine has nearly 8,000 parts and is now fully built after several years of work.


To sign up, click here to open the NAWCC Events page for this presentation.



The Zoom presentation was maxed out at over 100 participants and lasted nearly two hours. One can view a recording og of this PowerPoint presentation here: .

Following are two videos and then the final still photos of the project, please be forewarned this is hard-core, gear-head porn.


The Astronomical skeleton clock on a rotating table.


This video shows the various components of the machine both still and being demonstrated

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