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Beginning in January of 2006 I started to confer with the fabricator on the final design for the clock. I had already done two years of prior design work so there was a lot of ground work already covered. Between January and July an intense collaboration resulted in the creation of this mockup. The result is both a testament to the extraordinary talents of the fabricator as well as the ability for the both of us to convey our ideas to congeal into a mutual design. This mockup as well as all of the concept drawings were done in the space of six months - an extraordinary achievement. What you see here is only about 1/3 of the final design's complexity as all of the 'behind the dial' work is excluded as well as that of the sun /moon rise set systems, perpetual calendar work and much of the orrery. Even so, one can appreciate the intricacies involved with this movement.

Astro full scale mockup.JPG (839783 bytes)   Astro full scale mockup (1).JPG (804569 bytes)

The remaining photos have the orrery removed to give a better view of the interior of the movement.

Astro full scale mockup (2).JPG (863708 bytes)  Astro full scale mockup (3).JPG (900897 bytes)

These photos show the anti-friction wheel system that supports the dual, counter-rotating grasshopper escape wheels. Additional sets of ant-friction wheels are used for the pendulum balance fulcrum points. See a video of the escapement mockup in motion.

Astro full scale mockup (4).JPG (897579 bytes)  Astro full scale mockup (5).JPG (922518 bytes)

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