Tower Clock Collection Page Two

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                           Horz2.JPG (579067 bytes)                   Horz3-mtcc.jpg (24164 bytes)                       Hainz 2.jpg (557944 bytes)
Philipp Hörz, Ulm, Germany, c. 1890's  SOLD Philipp Hörz, Ulm, Germany, c. 1890's  SOLD Ludwig Hainz, Prague, Czechoslovakia 1907  SOLD
Two train, Graham deadbeat escapement,  count-wheel, half and hour strike. Has 60 second Robin style endless chain remontoire. 30 hour duration.  17.5"w x 18"h x 18"d Three train, modified Graham deadbeat with 'rolling anchor' escape pallets. Count-wheel quarter strike. 30 hour duration.  25.5"w x 21"h x 22"d Three train, pinwheel escapement, 30 hour duration.  28"w x 28"h x 15"d. This clock was featured in the 2009 Oscar nominated film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


                  Odobey Cadet-mtcc.jpg (19020 bytes)                   Cretin-Black-mtcc.jpg (22168 bytes)                     Potts-mtcc.jpg (16702 bytes)    
Louise-Delphin Odobey, Jura, France, 1897  SOLD Arsene Cretin, Morbier (Jura), France, 1903  SOLD William Potts, Leeds, England, 1900  SOLD
Three train, pinwheel escapement, rack & snail quarter strike.   38.5"w x 19"h x 20"d Two train, pinwheel escapement, rack & snail, half & hour strike with one minute warning to the hour.  38.5"w x 29"h x 26"d Single train, Double, three-legged gravity escapement (Denison).  24"w x 24"h x 24"d


                          Seth Thomas pillar (2).JPG (823876 bytes)                           ST #7 Gravity (329).JPG (843618 bytes)                              Seth Thomas#16,#4-mtcc.jpg (14910 bytes)
Seth Thomas #4, Connecticut, USA, 1909 - SOLD Seth Thomas #7, Connecticut, USA, 1926 - SOLD Seth Thomas #15 Connecticut, USA, 1910  SOLD
Single train, Graham deadbeat escapement. Movement with original attached pillar. Movement 7.5"w x 17"h x 8"d, overall 52" h, base 15" dia. Single train, Denison gravity escapement w/ 1 1/4 second compensated pendulum. OEM electric rewinding and switch gear to drive slave clocks. 30"w x 89"h x 28"d. Two train, Graham deadbeat escapement, rack & snail, half and hour strike.   64"h x 40"w x 28"d. Also shown below a smaller single train #4 model. Compare it's size to  #15's bell hammer behind it. 7.5"w x 17"h x 8"d

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