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Johannes Ritzert & Son   Gr. Umstadt, Germany  c. 1864

Two train, hour and half hour count wheel strike. Cast iron frame. Dead beat escapement with adjustable pallets. Compensated one second pendulum. 38"w x 22"h x 18"d.

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This frame is a peculiar hybrid. It is made of four full  gothic arch-styled plates bolted together. Note the beautifully executed escape wheel that is made to play off the sun design on the pendulum bob. It is a highly stylized example of German mid-19th century Gothic. This company is considered to have made some of the more beautiful and rare examples of German tower clock movements.

Notice the beautiful wheel and lever work - all in keeping with the high, gothic German motif. One has to marvel at the craftsmanship that many tower clock makers put into their work. Into movements that would never see the light of day, and be viewed by very few people. Of course one major reason for this was to make the initial sale. Tower clocks and their associated towers and upkeep were and still are expensive propositions. The other is the fact that these machines had to be accurate and reliable in adverse conditions of climate and maintenance. The pilot dial is a dummy. The three train Ritzert had an identical working dial upon which this one is a copy.

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