Hall's Safe  Co., Cincinnati, Ohio - 3 movements

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The lock used an unusual bolt dogging design that used a scissor to seize and release the bolt work. The case is also unusual in that the rear is not a simple flat back but has a stepped profile. This was a lock made for a custom installation. Probably one of Hall's own in house safes. Notice the simple butt-hinge design for the door. This harkens back to the very earliest time lock case designs and perhaps may have been a cost-cutting maneuver on the part of Hall at a time they were feeling financial pressures. It is certainly a departure from the clean and hidden hinge designs used by this and all other time lock manufacturers for the past many years.

The time lock linkages to the snubber bar are sector gears. The scissors are operated via a set of gears behind the two large silver discs. This is the only time lock that made the use of gearing rather than levers in its design.


The interior view of the time lock movement reveals that a South Bend Watch Co. movement was used. South Bend was their movement supplier when Consolidated was reincorporated into Hall in 1906. But this is not the same type of movement used in their earlier models. Here the rear movement plates have a more modern look, all being on one plane rather than the use of a three dimensional balance wheel cock being planted apart from the rest of the movement.




1927. Even though this lock is name tagged on the door as Hall's Safe Co. it is not the same company as Hall's Safe & Lock Co. The latter was started in 1867 by Joseph Hall and the time lock business, Consolidated Time Lock Co. was spun off in 1876 to protect his safe and lock business from the rampant litigation that surrounded the time lock industry at the time. Consolidated continued through 1920's. It is unclear if this lock was made under the Consolidated firm. The name does not appear anywhere on the movement dials as it did on all prior examples but the case has the Hall Safe Co. name. Only a reference to Milton Dalton, an important employee of the Consolidated firm is seen on the dials as "DALTON PAT. PEND'G JANY 1921". At that time Consolidated was still in business. Time lock production ceased after the bankruptcy of the Hall company in 1927.

This time lock model was the last to be made by the Hall company in 1927 and only a few were produced before the company's demise that year. This example is the only one the author knows of with the correct, original movements. The few remaining locks had over their years of service had been retrofitted to accept Sargent and Greenleaf size 'H' movements to continue their operation since there were no available movement replacements and the unique case and bolt dog configurations precluded an easy change out to a different time lock. A retrofit required all of the original movements to be discarded, see below. 6 1/8"w x 4 5/8"h x 3"d. (3" at widest point, 1 3/8"d at narrowest), Case #4, Movements, #10000, #10005, #10019. file 192


Retrofitted example with Sargent and Greenleaf size 'H' movements. At this time there are three known examples of this type of conversion. One is in the Harry Miller Collection, Nicholasville, KY with the other two in private collections.

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