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Henry Lepaute, Paris, France, 1922. Eight day duration. Single train. Cast iron, plate and spacer frame. Pinwheel escapement. Harrison type maintaining power. Wooden one second pendulum. 10"w x 17"h x 8"d without globe or support brackets.

This small street clock movement was converted to cosmograph clock. The globe, brackets and back mounting board were added sometime in the 1980's. While such conversions are normally to be frowned upon, this one has a certain decorative appeal and the conversion was very well done with minimal impact to the original movement. It could be reconverted to it's original function with no loss of parts. The globe's political boundaries are contemporaneous with the time the clock was made and rotates once a day.

Lepaute was a well known, quality French maker. The wheel train retains it's high finish. Click here to see the movement in it's original state without the added parts.

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