Sargent & Greenleaf, Rochester, New York - 1 movement, Model #4 - exclusively for Corliss Spherical safe, demonstration piece

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Front three-quarter view of a S&G Model #4 time lock with S&G four tumbler combination lock and associated safe boltwork mounted to left-hand door section of Corliss Safe Co. model Spherical safe.


Rear three-quarter view showing the mounting plate conforming to a semi-circular section of the safe door.


Rear and side views.


Front view showing boltwork in open position. The is bolt inserted into the time lock case and the time lock drop bolt is in the lower (off guard) position, first photo. Next the locked position with the bolt withdrawn and the time lock drop bolt in the upward position held by the snubber.


Model #4 for Corliss Safe, spherical model, c. 1902; mounted to left hand door portion of safe also having the original S&G four-tumbler combination lock and connecting bolt work between the two. This artifact allows one to succinctly demonstrate the functionality of a time lock as well as the interaction between the time lock, safe bolt work and the safe combination lock. Case #1538-1, Movement #1561-1. Combination lock #804, bolt #L-406. file 287


Demo video of a S&G Model #4 time lock and S&G four-tumbler combination lock with associated safe boltwork mounted to a Corliss left hand door mount. This artifact gives the viewer a good representation of how a time lock, combination lock and the safe boltwork all interact to provide security.

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