Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co., Stamford, Connecticut - 2 movements, Type , K21, K22, K22L, v.1, v.2

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Yale's K22 series of time locks used their 'L' sized movements.







A. Type K21. 1900 - c. 1915 This model used 'L' type movements, and models these were the second smallest made by Yale, but with different metals used for the case and associated bolt mechanism. The color of the surface as well as the treatment used on the surface (plain, or some variety of damascene) would be chosen to compliment surrounding vault door mechanism. The 'L' sized movement was the most popular size ever introduced by Yale. Movements numbered after 5000 were made by Seth Thomas after E. Howard exited the time lock business in 1902 and are often confused as being made by E. Howard because the two looked very similar. 5"w x 4.25"h x 3"d. Case #682, movement# 28388, 28389.  file 44

B. Type K21, 1915 - 1920's. Same style as in A. This example used the bronze color case and had what Yale called their "bronze wave" design. 5"w x 4.25"h x 3"d. Case # 869, movements #38544, 38672. See this lock in situ on a Diebold safe door below. file 45

C. Type K21, same as examples above but with later movements made in Switzerland from the1960's. This case is slightly earlier than the one illustrated in example A and would have originally had those type of Seth Thomas made movements; also features a less common right-hand hinged door. Case # 624, movement #62906, 62907. file 125.  

D. Type K22. c. 1915 - 1920's. This lock was developed in response to the need for a smaller time lock to fit into a more compact  emergency safe doors, chests and yet still used the same L sized movements as in the three examples above. This was the smallest sized time lock made by Yale using their 'L' sized movements. 4.25"w x 3.5"h x 2.5"d. The movements and dials are consecutively numbered 33536 and 33537. Case #213. file 108 

E Model K22L, v.1. c. early 1950's. This is the first version of the K22L and was made as a drop in replacement for the K22. It is OEM with Seth Thomas L-movements. The case is made of bronze with a bolt hole collar case #S1287, movements #50351, #53489. file 29

F. Model K22L, v.2 c. 1970's. This model is the same as example E above but is now housed in a lighter aluminum case, the snubber bar is of a different design, the movements are now Swiss import movements from Saint Blaise company and the bolt hole collar is no longer included. Case #889, movements#98359, #98360 file 37-300,

Below a photo of a pre 1900's vault door with a Model K22L fitted onto it. In the second photo below, notice the large space in the door around this small Yale time lock. The door was designed to accept a variety of time lock makers. One can see other makes in similar sized Diebold safe doors: Diebold Type 1, and Sargent & Greenleaf Model Triple A

A Model K22L

A Model K21



A Model K22 and the interior view of a Yale four tumbler lock.

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