Begin fabrication of pendulum balance assemblies-the arbors, October 2008

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Below are rough blanks for the balance assemblies. These compose the 12 antifriction wheels, their support plates and center/end arbor support spacers.

Astro 10-08.jpg (120031 bytes) Astro 10-08 (1).jpg (154471 bytes)

Next are the rough blanks for the multiple arbors. Following photo is the initial assembly without the antifriction wheels.

Astro 10-08 (2).jpg (134895 bytes) Astro 10-08 (3).jpg (147239 bytes)

First shot shows the center spacer to stiffen the arbor assembly that will hold the antifriction wheels as well as the pendulum balances. In the right hand corner is a similar, smaller spacer that serves as the end supports for the arbors that will act as the fulcrum point for the antifriction wheels. Provisions for the jeweled chatons are made at this point. Notice the drawings under the assemblies. These are made just prior; as the construction proceeds.

Astro 10-08 (4).jpg (153282 bytes) Astro 10-08 (5).jpg (156957 bytes)

Rough antifriction wheel blanks are now assembled and checked for fit within the plates as well as around the fulcrum point in the middle of the wheel intersection points.

Astro 10-08 (6).jpg (158049 bytes) Astro 10-08 (8).jpg (152775 bytes)

First photo shows assembled balance arbor system in background. In front the inner fulcrum arbor removed from the antifriction / pendulum balance arbor. Next photo shows fabrication of final arbor dimensions and decoration.

Astro 10-08 (9).jpg (141648 bytes) Astro 10-08 (7).jpg (154990 bytes)

Below is a close-up of the feet where the arbors meet the brass plates.

Astro 10-08 (10).jpg (142716 bytes) Astro 10-08 (13).jpg (157637 bytes)

Final dimensions are now complete. Notice the decorative knops in the middle of the arbors as well as the feet. This part of the assembly is not very prominent and it would have been easier to have left the arbors plain; avoiding having to make the decorations and trim down the diameter of the balance of each arbor. This is one example of attention to detail that will make this clock stand out from other contemporary made clocks.

Astro 10-08 (14).jpg (150164 bytes) Astro 10-08 (15).jpg (142102 bytes)

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