Sargent & Greenleaf, Rochester, New York - 3 movements, Triple H

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S&G 3mvt-120hr brass.jpg (700840 bytes)   S&G 3mvt-120hr brass2.jpg (726928 bytes)A

S&G 3mvt 72hr-brass.jpg (475822 bytes)   S&G 3mvt 72hr-brass2.jpg (584664 bytes)B

A. Model Triple H, (later no. 6302), c. 1900 - 1910. Similar movement design to the Triple A, B,and C but using a smaller movement, size 'H'. This was the company's smallest and latest in the series introduced sometime after 1900. Equipped with optional longer duration 120 hour timers. Movements #2-501, #2-503, #2-564, case #8, 5"w x 4 3/h x 2.1/4"d. file 15

B. Similar in design to 'A' but in a slightly later style case with scalloped side glass area and different case color and damascene. Standard 72 hour timers, movements #2669, #2671, #3107, case #H-106. 5"w x 4 3/h x 2.1/4"d. file 56

Below is a Model Triple H mounted into a York Safe door. This looks to be an emergency door. These were sometimes supplied with very large vault facilities for use in case the main door malfunctioned.

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